Sunday, 22 January 2012

26wk Photo Challenge - Weather

Well our theme for the last two weeks has been bad weather and to be honest prior to this theme the weather was awful, since it started it has been rather pleasnat, so we opted for images of the weather.  Here are my three offerings.

This was taken in the morning from the back garden, went out in the car shortly afterwards and I could see more than six foot in front of me, but it cleared very quickly to the sky in the third image.

 Manual mode, ss 1/50, f6.3, ISO 500, 50mm focal length.

Taken yesterday, looks beautiful but it was blowing a hooly.
 Manual mode, ss 1/50, f22, exp comp -1/3, ISO 100, focal length 18mm.

This was the sky approximately 2 hrs after the fog in the first image!
Manual mode, ss 1/80, f11, exp comp +2/3, ISO 100, focal length 120mm

You can see  Yvonne's, Joy's images as well.  Thanks for taking part. :)


  1. Love the coastal one - I will put mine up as soon as possible - they just need picking but will probably be tomorrow now -sorry.

  2. Hi Karen, took this link from Joy (Joyknitt), and wondered if I could join in? Weather is one of my favourite subjects, and just love sunsets/rises, cloud formations and the general moodiness of outside!! But I don't always have the camera handy, so maybe this would make me think twice before heading out........

  3. It's all part of Cornish unpredictability I reckon.. love blue skies with aeroplane tracks.. x

  4. The change in the weather in these three photos is amazing - just like your photos.

    The first one is great and gives has an eery feel to it.

    The second one is a reminder that you live in a beautiful part of the country.

    My favourite is the airplane. Great angle and makes me wonder where it's off too.

    So sorry I haven't managed my photos yet - hope too this week.


  5. Yeah, I can reply to comments now :) Thank you eveyone for your comments. Busy Little Chicken, I left you a reply on your blog :) x

  6. Finally I can leave you a comment. I love all three as they just sum up weather in Cornwall. I love the coastal one especially and can not think of any changes I would make
    Love and Hugs


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