Monday, 23 January 2012

26wk Photo Challenge - Zoom Burst

The theme for the next two weeks is to experiment with a technique called zoom burst, the effect you get can be seen below.
(AV mode, ss 5, f22, ISO 160.)

Ideally you do need a dslr and a zoom lens of some description, this one was taken with a 10-20mm.  The technique involves, keeping the camera still (tripod or table), using a long/slow shutter speed ie 2 secs or more, press the shutter then rotate the lens in and out and see what results you get.  You can vary the amount of zoom by how much you rotate the lens.  If you have a compact and can set the shutter speed, why not try using a slow shutter speed and whilst holding the camera turn yourself around slowly and see what effect you get, or up and down slowly to create an abstract image using intentional movement. Just remember though the longer the shutter speed the more light you will be letting in and if you use a ss of say 3secs +  in daylight you will probably end up with a white screen! So you may need to alter your exposure compensation dial or use a higher f stop (large numbers) which will let less light in than a lower one(low numbers) or reduce the shutter speed until you get a good exposure with the effect you want.  You can see examples on this flickr page .  Most importantly, experiment and have fun.  Upload by the 2nd Feb.  Any questions, post on here or email me :) 

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