Tuesday, 24 January 2012

On a roll now

Well two days on the trot I have been running with my running partner - Nina and today we actually managed 3.5miles, so as you can image we are very pleased with ourselves.  It definitely helps to run with someone else to keep me going and as we go at 8.20am which is the start of the school run time we find that helps us as well, I mean you can't be seen walking too often in front of the children and mums can you now!!  I use to hate people seeing me run but I have certainly overcome that worry now and I actually like it now as I do get to see people and like the banter that goes with it.

Another dull miserable day here, so thought I would share yesterday's daily photo with you, hopefully brighten your day abit.

Some of my crocuses popped their heads out yesterday, so pretty.


  1. Another beautiful shot - really brings home spring. I can't wait for lighter nights - sick of coming home in the dark and this shot gives me hope :0)

  2. Hi there - spring?! Not (that) long now and the birds will be back.

    The walk on the beach was rather good - and it happened just after a really splendid meal of sea fresh fish and chips!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia


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