Monday, 12 December 2011

The World is changing... JYC -8

.... for a few weeks anyway.  Over the last few weekends there has been a group of men busy climbing ladders, checking bulbs and erecting signs around the village.  House owners have been out as well adorning their property's with festive lights.  Truro city even twinkles once the night sky takes over.  The roads have shrunk over night as have the car parks or have they just removed some!!  The shops are filled with 'the perfect gift' items (hope no one thinks they are the perfect gift for me!!!!)  My usual CD's in the car have been replaced with Christmas tunes and a new one to the selection is the Michael Buble Christmas album - it is delicious.  When the rain stops pouring and the wind stops blowing I shall venture out and take some pics of the lights to add to this post but until then it shall remind a pictureless post.


  1. You are certainly getting in the mood down Cornwall way. :)

  2. our little market town is beautifully lit. I took some photos a year or so ago and was thinking i should take some more. Hope you share the photos you take xx

  3. Michael Buble's album has been added to my collection too!! x


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