Sunday, 11 December 2011

26wk Photo Challenge - Self Portrait!!!

Everyone loves having their photo taken don't they??? No!  Prior to my phtotography crush I would avoid the camera at all costs but since I have become interested in photography I have found a slight willingness to be in front of the camera (still prefer to be behind it) but I am a big believer in not expecting anyone else to do something that I am not willing to do, or maybe it is an age thing, maybe it is because I'm more confident now than ever before, or is it because I have nearly reached the half way mark and decided it is time I started to look in the mirror and see just who this person I call me is and has become!!!  I do not class myself as photogenic and never will, but below is ME!!  All straight out of the camera, no cropping or tweaking, all using natural light as my light source.

The first - totally exposed, no war paint and not in the right frame of mind to be doing a self portrait. (does it show!!)

AV mode, ss 1/25, f4.5, ISO 200, focal length 31mm, WB auto

 Image two - when thinking about this theme I had lots of creative ideas - but when I tried to put some into practise they didn't quite work out, one I shall revisit and spend more time on.  Getting a reflection in the window.
 AV mode, ss 4 sec, f5.0, ISO 640, focal length 40mm, WB auto.

Thrid image - war paint on and more in the mood for this project! 
 AV mode, ss1/40, f5.0, ISO 500, focal length 40mm, WB - custom,

Four image - my favourite - just my eyes
 AV mode, ss 1/160, f5.0, ISO 500, focal length 55mm, WB custom.

So there you have it my first serious attempt at doing a self portrait.  Did I enjoy it? when focused yes, would I do it again? yes, did I learn anything from it (apart from how many double chins I have)? yes.  mainly using the light source and positioning myself to get the best without too many shadows, playing with the ISO for indoor use, too get a good shutter speed without too much noise and custom white balance is a great tool to use, very rapidly becoming my permanent white balance.  So easy to set and makes such a difference.

So fire away with your critique, suggestions for improvements etc etc.  Please visit the other girls (Yvonne, LouiseJoy, Eileen    who are taking part in this challenge as well and critique their images as well.  Thank you. x

Found this article the other day about self portrait - which I thought was good.


  1. Hi there - I wonder how many people take up photography so that they can stay behind the lens!

    Interesting set of shots, seeing how you "play' with the same subject.

    Think I'll stick to fast moving butterflies!

    Stewart M - Australia

  2. The first one made me smile as it shows exactly how you feel. The last two are great and the lighting works so well. I would be tempted to crop the last image slightly to take away a little more of your nose and hair and really focus on the eyes. This is definitely my favourite as it is so expressive.

  3. lovely shots karen, well done, I love the way you have played with the shadows in the final two. I took a few shots of myself in the microwave door, which didn't quite work out, but like your window shot, gave me some ideas for the future.
    mine are here:

  4. Loving the first one - made me smile!!

    I tried the reflection one too, then ruled it out completely - maybe that's one to revisit in the future.

    Your favourite one is also mine. Wish i'd thought about a close up on the eyes!

  5. Hi Karen,

    First a question is it just the five of us doing this ... you, Yvonne, Joy, Louise and me?

    Now to your photos ... I think you've ended up with a really good set of photos. Like you I had lots of ideas which I just couldn't get to work properly this time (but which are stored in my mind for the future!). I like the lighting in the first one but find the background distracting and would have considered cropping to remove the door and the window. The 3rd and 4th ones are lovely and I like the close framing and the low light/shadows. Great exposure on these too. My favourite one in no. 3 - I just really like the lighting and the composition.

  6. Thank you. Eileen there are 7 of us, those you listed then Jo and Nathalie. Anyone is welcome to join in - the more the merrier.

  7. Karen I think you have done s lovely set of self portraits.

  8. Great photos. Ok what happened with the first one, you were ovbiously concentrating coz there are non of your wonderful smiley eyes LOL So I love the last two as they are you to a tee.
    Love and Hugs


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