Monday, 12 December 2011

More traditions - JYC 9

Once the girls arrived I soon realised I do like to have some form of routine in the house and we are a family of habits. They were always in bed early by 7pm when small and still by 9pm when at secondary.  Tea was always on the table at 5pm now 5.30pm due to college buses.  Etc etc.  Christmas Eve & Day is similar.  The presents are put out in the girls stockings that I made for them when they were tiny, nowadays they are placed with the tree - when they were small they use to appear at the bottom of their beds whilst they slept peacefully.  I can't remember when it started but Christmas Eve is the one night they share a room as well, their choice - wonder if they will do it this year?  Then in the morning we open our presents first, then have a breakfast one which we have all agreed upon before hand, sometimes a bacon butty, sometimes salmon bagels, whateve takes our fancy.  The rest of the day we chill and relax. Each year I try to persuade them to go for a walk and fail, though Bernadette did ask if we could go for one this year ..... so maybe ... who knows. Every other year we are joined by Mick's mum and dad for Christmas Day (this year) and we join the rest of his family on Boxing Day.  Think this is going to be another picture less post.

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  1. Nothing wrong with routine Karen. your household sounds very similar to ours,same bedtimes, tea times and the stockings on the end of the bed. Presents in the morning too...........oh Christmas is lovely!!!


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