Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Traditions JYC 5

Normally I would say we don't have any traditions with regard to Christmas or any other time of year, but it suddenly dawned on me that over the last few years we have started one.  On Christmas Eve in the afternoon we drive down to Newlyn and have a look at the fishing boats - one of the few days in the year when we can guarantee they will all be in. Then we go onto Mousehole (have to go early to be able to park the car)  have a mooch around the little galleries.  Once dark we have a walk along the harbour to see the lights that attract thousands of visitors every year to this small but very famous fishing village.  We remember those that lost their lives in the Penlee Boat disaster all those years ago and those that continue to risk their own to save others.
Naturally I have to take photos - so the family stand and freeze whilst I loose myself in my camera.  Then when the icicles start to appear on their noses (and mine) I agree to move on.  We then head off to KFC in Penzance (yes we have two down here, one is 19 miles away and the other nearly 22!!) for our Christmas treat - a KFC bucket and a warm up.  We then head home and settle down to a movie night and nibbles.  

Not sure how we are going to do it this year as I shall be working the evening - so it may have to take place on the 23rd instead.

 Mousehole cottages on the harbour front.

Harbour Lights.
Not the greatest shots, my excuse was it was bitterly cold last year and blowing a hooly down there. 


  1. mmmm, beware the 23rd in Mousehole though, it's Tom Bawcock's eve and generally busy, but look it up, I think there's a procession these days which may be photo worthy... loving reading you daily, will try to keep in touch from the sun.. K xxx

  2. A lovely tradition except if I may be honest for the KFC bit, but I guess your children are young and that it may be your best option. :)

  3. what a lovely way to spend xmas eve and I am with you on the KFC as we only have two in cornwall its a real treat. great photos
    Love and Hugs

  4. I love the simple things that become our traditions and these will be the ones remembered the most too x

  5. Thanks for sharing. Happy December.

  6. Hi there - what a nice set of pictures - and I wonder how many people will actually be able to pronounce the name of the town correctly!?

    Like the specsavers line!

    Cheers - Stewart M


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