Thursday, 8 December 2011

Good and Bad - JYC 6

I can't say any particular Christmas stands out as being my favourite or the one I want to forget and never remember again, thankfully nothing awful has ever happened to us or ours around this time of year to create a bad memory.  So if I had to really pin it down I guess the worst Christmas I can remember would have been Christmas 1995 (I think!), I woke up with an awful migraine and Bernadette  was absolutely full of cold and looked grey with red eyes.  Amanda was only 11 months old so wasn't too worried about anything - thankfully!  Poor Bernadette tried so hard to rise to the occasion but couldn't and neither could I.  We ended up in bed and left Mick and Amanda sat on the settee staring at the tv :( 

The best, well I couldn't pick one as each is special with special memories. I remember my delight at the outfits my mum knitted for my Tiny Tears and April Showers dolls, they were the best dressed dolls in town (in fact I still have the outfits in the loft!!). The first year my brother, Ian bought me a present, a tin of talcum powder called My Fair Lady.  The pleasure I get from watching the girls open their gifts and the delight and gratitude on their faces, the way they laugh at me when my emotions get the better of me when I open their gifts to me, then how they say " oh hush mum" when I start to tell them off for wasting their money on me and their dad!!  All these little memories make each Christmas time special for me.

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  1. It's lovely to read your daily posts - what is it with us mum's eh....i usually get rather overwhelmed too on Christmas day...i think i'm relieved that it all got done and everyone liked their presents xx


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