Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Festive daydreaming -JYC 4

My all time favourite Christmas film and song has to be 'White Christmas' - I love the singing, dancing and the soppy story line.  I get totally lost in it and just wish it was real.  Wouldn't it be lovely to wake up to the sound of silence due to thick snow, everyone to have a smile on their face and words of good cheer to each other. To feel the sense of magic  that you had as a child when you woke up to find presents at the bottom of your bed. Families coming together to share happy times, the less fortunate being remembered and taken in to join in the celebrations.  But it is only a dream that won't come true. 

So instead I am imaging the pleasure of having Bernadette back in the house and seeing her and Amanda curled up on the settee under fleece blankets, with movie snacks having an in house movie night, laughing away together and chatting, enjoying the closeness they share  - then in true mummy style I shall wedge myself inbetween them and snuggle up with them and keep asking iritating questions like "what did he say?" "who is she?" "what's the film called?"  all because the hearing isn't what it use to be :) (They love me really!!) 

Planning some family walks in the fresh cold winter air, if we are really lucky a snow ball fight or two! Sitting around the table as four again. But most of all I dreaming of a White Christmas filled with love and laughter.

 Our winter wonderland view

 Sammy searching for his pine cone

 Shaggy and Lewis enjoying the snow.

 My two angels

Amanda and I making snow angels - well trying to we were laughing so much.


  1. Gorgeous snowy pictures! They have me wishing for some round here

  2. What a lovely peice of journaling, just reminds us that we need to hold our loved ones close when we can.
    Holding you close Karen
    Love and Hugs

  3. Oh I also loved White Christmas, it was fantastic. Your photos are lovely but they make me feel cold! I suspect we will get out first frost quite soon, everything is running late here this year. Diane

  4. I love 'White Christmas' as well but I couldn't settle on just one as my favourite, I'd have to have a list!

    Lovely photos again. Is the first one the view from your home?

    Take care

    Eileen x

  5. Thank you everyone. If it gets much colder here I wouldn't be surprised if we do have snow - though I hope it holds off til B gets back safely. (selfish eh?) Eileen, yes that is the view from the back of the house :) xx

    Singing in the rain is another favourite. x

  6. A lovely post Karen - fingers crossed you get no snow till B's home. Fantastic photos xx


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