Friday, 2 December 2011

JYC Day 2 - Is it snowing yet?

Eating my cereal and listening to radio cornwall this morning Kevin said "Today's Weather - A chilly start with some scattered showers and sunny periods. The showers will die out as cloud builds this afternoon. However, patchy light rain will follow and spread eastwards from mid afternoon onwards with the rain turning heavier in places by evening. Northwesterly winds will back to the southwest and become fresh to strong later. Max 11C"   it is now 8.30pm and I have to say he was right on all accounts.  I'm not complaining, after all, it is the 2nd Dec so what can we expect, rain is the norm for us and the thought of snow a childhood memory - or is it? 

Last year snow fell on the 28th November, the girls and I went to London for  a few days Christmas shopping, snow was falling when we left Truro and was falling when we arrived in London.  It was magical for me to be walking through London again christmas shopping in the snow just as I did when I was 20, the only difference being I had my own daughters with me this time and they loved it.  Going to see Lion King in the snow, walking back to our hotel afterwards - in the snow, slipping on the icy pavements (not so enjoyable - I don't bounce like I use to back then!!)  The only downer was I had forgotten how much COLDER it is north of the Tamar and boy was it cold, the wind was biting, it really did put a glow in our cheeks.  We arrived back in Truro to ....... rain, followed by more snow.....

 Garden wildlife.

 Our local church

The snowman the children built at pre-school, which became my blog christmas card last year.

In the ideal 'dream' world, I would have snow every winter, not everyone's cup of tea, especially down here in Cornwall -  as it really does come to a complete standstill, which is something I find amusing, didn't have that effect when I was young and growing up in the north  - but then maybe I wasn't aware of the chaos it caused to adults and daily life routines, but I do remember still walking the mile and a half to school with all my friends in our wellies and arriving soaking wet due to snowballs fights on route and then being told off in assembly by the headmaster!!!
I will be saying alittle pray for a White Christmas this year xx


  1. Hi there - so you found it cold north of the Tamar? My father use to say the rest of England would float away if the Tamar Bridge broke! You may be able tell which county he was from!

    Nice pictures!

    Stewart M - Australia (with roots elsewhere!)

  2. The comparison from this time last year to now is quite different! I like how you've journaled about it.

    Fantastic photos too xx

  3. What a lovely post, I agree with you about it brining cornwall to a halt when it snows it still makes me smile.

    Great to see you today xx


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