Friday, 2 December 2011

Journal Your Christmas Day 1

Every year over on Shimelle's blog she host's JYC, being inspired by Louise's lovely Christmas books I decided last year to join in........well I got as far as day 5 and that was it!!  So this year I  decided to do it again but this time on my blog with a view to getting around to printing it off at a later date!  This way I know I am sure to keep it up - honest.  I guess I am more determined this year as it has been a year full of changes and the one that hit me this morning when I put up the advent calenders was that I was only putting up one instead of the usual three - Bernadette has her's with her in Bristol but this will be our first year without Sammy :( no great paws tredding over the wrapping paper whilst I try to wrap presents, no nose sniffing out the chocs under the tree - at least we always knew which presents had chocs in before we opened them "laugh"  no big bottom sitting on the presents on christmas day as the girls open them, all because he wanted to be part of it ....... hmmm it will be strange to say the least.

Anyway enough sniffs. Back to JYC today brings the first prompt is to fill in the "This Christmas" flash card
so here is mine.


  1. Yes Christmas will be strange for us this year as well. Only the two of us!! We had hoped that Nigel's father would join us, but he is not happy about flying alone, and with my cough maybe it is better that way.
    Hope the journal goes beyond 5 days !!
    Take care Diane

  2. Oh that is sad but at least you are remebering all the good stuff. I have just joined a project for next year its called move more eat less which I thought would be great for me.

    I am glad to see you are trying to do the xmas challenge, I would fail on the first day LOL
    Love and Hugs

  3. Thanks Diane and Yvonne, I'm determined to complete it this time. x

  4. Good luck Karen. I'll be following your progress with interest. I can't do it this year but hopefully will be able to at some stage in the future.

  5. oh wow Karen - glad to see you are going to Journal Your Christmas. I've sort of started mine xx

  6. See you in class! Glad to c u joining in...I got as far as xmas eve last year, I'm hoping to do more this yesr!

  7. Diane, hope you have a good one, I can understand how your fil feels and as you say with your cough!x

    Thanks everyone. x


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