Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas cards - JYC 3

The choice is overwhelming in the shops, every shape and size you can imagine, glittery ones, cute ones, religious, photographs, sketches, snow, food, animals - the list is endless. The prices range from cheap to complete rip off.  Personally I love receiving cards, I still get excited when I see a pile of post on the door mat wondering who has thought of us at this time of year - hoping I haven't forgotten them!!  I love the huge selection that will adorn our room over the festive period, which become a  major part of our Christmas decorations and I love each and every one of them. 

What do I send though..... years ago I use to set about and make them all, I seemed to have more time then!  Nowadays I send a mixture of bought cards and ones I make using my photos,

 such as this handsome little chap, one of the school's Shetlands

They all go off in the post second class because I resent paying the extra postage.  My bit of meaness at this time of year :) and the last batch will be in the post this evening (the 4th) this year I have even managed to type out a letter to put in most of them to fill everyone in on our news over the last twelve months.  Normally I start off writing a note in each but soon loose heart after repeating myself for the 30th time - bad I know, but honest.


  1. I love the one of the shetland pony.

  2. This year I posted all my cards on the 1st December and like you second class it has too be lol!

  3. Goodness I have not even started writing mine, maybe next year I should get organised and make some using one of my own photos as you do, great idea. :)

  4. Linda you should - your photos are lovely. x


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