Friday, 9 December 2011

I am committed.....

...some say ' I should be'!! 
Today I signed up to complete a 10K run in aid of the Cornwall Air Ambulance running around Newquay Airport of all places!  We shall run along the runway, through the terminal and all those places that the public are not allowed and waiting for us at the end will be a free massage (that is what sold it to me really, plus the fact it is a one off). There is a 2hr slot to complete the run after which time a bus will come and pick anyone left running up as the planes will start to land again - how cool is that?
So having purchased my new running shoes on Monday I have christened them this morning and managed approximatley 1.5 mile run.  OK I know that isn't much but I need to build up gradually to this!  Bernadette has signed up as well  (we daren't risk Amanda's knee!) so once she is home next Wed (only 5 more sleeps...yessss! ) we shall be out on a regular basis.  So here they are my new faithful trainers

this was taken prior to going out in them hence so clean.  Though they aren't too bad now, stuck to the roads, didn't do the muddy lanes!  The funny thing is whilst I was out the postman delivered the post and I had a cheque from the air ambulance - I have won £25 on the lottery!!!  What a coincidence is that - it was obviously meant to be :)   My sister in law won £1000 earlier this year!!  I'm delighted with my win, it has actually covered the cost of the entry for B and I!  Plus it is another item on my list of challenges under way.  I shall be out again tomorrow morning at 8am with another lady in the village.


  1. I like your trainers and admire you for entering but I do not like running unless on a tennis court!

  2. Well done you. Love the trainers makes me want to get mine out and walk!!!

    Love and Hugs

  3. Those trainers won't look nice and clean for long!! lol! How nice to win too! Does this mean we'll see you in your running gear tomorrow for self-portrait? :)

  4. Good luck with it - very worthy cause x


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