Friday, 9 December 2011

Doing something different

This time of year I always admire the beautiful Christmas wreaths that I see on doors, some large some small but all beautiful and to me one of the symbols of christmas.  So when I bumped into a friend the other day (who happens to be a member of the local WI!!) and she said the WI were off to the local garden centre to do wreath making.................... well I just had to jump on the band wagon and go along  and drag my long suffering friend Barbara with me. So off we trundled - and we were given such a warm greeting by the ladies, (we knew most faces but no names!!) and what a laugh we had.  The actual attaching of the fir bits was farily simple - you just had to keep your fingers out of the way!! but the hardest bit was attaching the decorations - I gave up on the wires and used the glue gun in the end, much easier.  So after 2.5 hrs we had created 12 beautiful but all different wreaths.  Here is my offering .

I just need to persuade Mr Bar Humbug I mean, Mick to let me hang it on the door now - the smell from the fir is amazing so strong.


  1. I think the Christmas wreath will look lovely on your front door.

  2. It lovely Karen and will look fantastic on your front door x

  3. wow thats great, can you give me a lesson next year xx


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