Thursday, 8 December 2011

Lists and lists and more lists - JYC 7

I am a self confessed list addict, I have a list for everything, I often duplicate the lists as well because I either can't find the original or have forgotten that I have done one!!!

I do a weekly lists of things I must do and want to do and the standard shopping list on a very regular basis. This time of year is worse as I now have the who to buy for list, what to buy for whom list, to make for list, the what to make list, the postal card list, the hand delivered list, the bought card list, the hand made card list, cards not written yet list, the to buy food list, the got food list, the to bake food list.
Though each year  the two most important lists live in my purse and they are the girls christmas lists (yes they still write them for me) and I was surprised at how many shop assistants this year (men and women) commented on how organised I was and what a good idea when they saw me checking my lists with my full basket.  (personally I think they were just humouring me - but who cares!!) if only they knew how unorganised I really am :)

Below is a combination of the lists outstanding

Door stop granny,
Something for Margaret and David,
Something, anything for granny and grandad,
Awaiting last few postal deliveries,
B's bf ????
Biscuits Aunty Do and Uncle John,
Christmas cake,
Order/buy meat,
Order vegetables,
Wrap presents,
Deliver cousins presents,

They will all get done and those that don't will go on to the new Jan 2012 list - as it isn't worth stressing about.


  1. Plus the Christmas card list! I am also a great list writer Karen, so this post had me smiling and nodding as I read. :)
    Thanks also for your kind comments about my BWTT.

  2. I could not live without lists. My head is like a sieve and I would certainly forget it was on my shoulders if I did not have a list LOL Diane

  3. lol! a girl after my own heart - I have an endless list of lists too Karen - and if it hasn't managed to get to a list, it ain't happening!!!!

  4. Yes I love a list crossing it off as its done. My lists are very nearly finished and about to start a list for next year

    He's making a list and he's checking it twice so as you have been a good girl this year you will have a wonderful christmas
    Love and Hugs


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