Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas time = family time -JYC 15

Christmas time is a time when the family get together, it has become a routine since we moved down here to Cornwall. We always stay at home, one year (as is this year) Mick's parents will spend Christmas Day with us then on Boxing Day we all go to Mick's brother's - then next year we change round. My brothers and I share a phone call each year. "simples" as Aleksandr Meerkat would say. Some of you are probably wondering if I ever spend a Christmas with 'my' family - once again simple answer "no", in fact I can't remember the last time I saw them at Christmas and I guess it never will happen, so I don't dwell on it.

 Anyone remember the Tesco Chilly soft toys they did a few years back, well we have them all surprise surprise - they came along when the girls were little and each year they brought out a new one and it appeared under the tree (not from me I hasten to add) so each year they come out, this is the medium size seal!!  Yes there is a small and extra larage to go with him!!

My tree :)

 Pressie ready to deliver to family.

These posts are getting alittle bit out of order and behind, I shall try and catch up before Sat!!


  1. We always stay at home too - these photos are great Karen, all week i've been trying the Bokeh and just can't get it together!!

  2. Lol Louise, I was hoping to do some more last night as Mick said he would get some more lights - but he didn't!!

  3. great pic of the tree - very tricky to photograph, you have made this very atmospheric - lovely. Have a great Christmas!


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