Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Shopping JYC 17

I heard on the radio that is was said that "Christmas would not happen in households if it wasn't for the women?"  Well that is certainly true in this household.  I nag for ideas for people if I am struggling with someone, I do the gift shopping (including my own gifts!!), though Mick has been known to ask the girls to do some bits for him for the last couple of year, both in the high street and on line, I write the Christmas cards, post the Christmas cards, I do the food shopping (mostly), Mick sorts the meat out. The girls help me wrap presents, I get the decorations out, the girls help put them up, (I take them down and pack them away for another year), the girls and I do the baking, I drag Mick out to various Christmas do's (which he enjoys in the end). 

I do enjoy the act of buying gifts for people, but I am finding it more and more difficult these days, as most of us have so much and if we want something during the year we tend to get it, so come Christmas there is nothing left to get.  I hate getting a gift for someone just for the sake of giving a gift. I like to thing the gift will be something they want or will like at least.  If I really can't think of something I will give vouchers or money which I hate, but at least the recipient can choose then.
This post makes it sounds like Mick just sits back and lets it all happen around him, well .... he does "laughs" he just doesn't do hussle, bussle times.  We do joke in the house and the girls go round singing "here comes Mr Humbug, here comes Mr Scrooge" from the Muppets Christmas Carol film (one of Mick's favourites) lol  BUT  having said all of that if I asked Mick to get something or do something he does it for me and more importantly I don't think I would have it any other way - though I am open to offers!!

A time for sharing, chocs that Mick's mum & dad gave us yesterday.  A tub of Celebrations.


  1. Hi Karen, I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying reading your JYC posts. and you've got further than last year ... well done you!

    Christmas (an and other occasion really) is much the same here. I'm the driving force and if I don't make the effort it doesn't happen. Even before Ced's illness it was the same. Men!!

  2. yep another one who can relate to your post - although he did come shopping with me tonight and push the trolly. Like you say i probably wouldn't want it any other way either xx great posts Karen.

  3. Eileen, thank you, I am really enjoying writing them as well. xx

    Louise, thank you, must admit I hate it when Mick comes and pushes the trolley, I always feel I have to rush!!

  4. You do make me feel better, yes I think like you althought Alan only does what is asked, I would not want it any other way
    Love and Hugs

  5. .. and count me in there too.. such great posting Karen.. today I got asked what I had bought JB,(she had just asked if a new mixer was in her pile).. so I just said no mixer just loads of stuff I said, cos I thought it was bit late for him to feign some interst at 4pm on C Eve !! Oh well.. Merry ones to all of us K xxxx


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