Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Should these still be in flower?

I have always enjoyed gardening, I think it is partly the pleasure of watching something grow from a tiny seed into something beautiful, the wonderful colours of nature and the scent that the plants produce, never cease to amaze me.  I am what I call a slap happy gardener, I plant things because I like them, I don't think about positions they will like my garden I put them where I want them or where there is a space, nothing gets taken in during the winter they have to fend for themselves - in fact I'm a pretty bad gardener - but hey they all come back every year so they can't be that unhappy can they!!  Anyway whilst looking around the garden this week I noticed that all my fushcia's are in full bloom,  I can't help but think it is too late for them, I mean it is November after all, shouldn't they be dieing off now??  Here's pic to show you what I mean.  All gardening tips greatfully received. :)

I should dedicate this post to my friend Kathi who really isn't a flower person -  but tolerates my love of them ;)  she also kindly let me eat my pack lunch in her kitchen today whilst I was at work..... thank you, and her son, Ross makes a super cup of tea :)


  1. this is a nice close up Karen!! everything in my garden is dying off so i'm struggling with images xx

  2. Lovely photo Karen.

    I've sent you a message via Facebook about my email address.

  3. ...awhhh, thanks Karen, I love a spontaneous visit! And I also love fuschias..and your flower pics.. ;-) xxxxx

  4. Beautiful fuchsia Karen! A lot of plants are still in flower in our garden too due to the mild and confusing weather we have had! xx


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