Monday, 7 November 2011

How strange... felt for Sunday to come and go and for me not to be posting a photo of the week and emailing Louise!!  I know I could of posted something else, but the truth is I ran out of time yesterday, it was Bernadette's last day before she went back to uni, so it was spent with her :).  We are into the second half of the first week of the 26wk challenge, Yvonne has been very quick off the mark (she always makes me feel very lazy!!) and her three are posted here.  Please view and crtiique her photos, remember a positive comment followed by a constructive comment, ie a different way of taking the photo or something that you feel could improve the photo, followed by a positive.

The following image is one I took down by the river in Tresillian in Sept.

I too have been outside today and taking some pics for the first challenge of the 26wk challenge, shall post them later this week.


  1. You and the word lazy do not go together my friend.
    Love the picture and can't wait to see your monthly challenge photo

  2. A beautiful photo, Karen. It looks for restful.

    are you doing a 'linky' for us to connect to for the 26 week challenge?

  3. How funny, i felt exactly the same.....and i nearly emailed you to say so lol!!

    Great photo.....i've taken my photos just need to look at them now and post them on Sunday xx

  4. Thanks you, Eileen I haven't at the moment but will look into it.


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