Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Photo challenge Blinkie

OK folks Eileen asked if I was going to create a blinkie for the photo challenge.... well I have never done one of these before and not sure if I have done it right now but I have created a very basic one, which hopefully will surfice. So I think it is just a case of copying and pasting to your blog and then linking up when you post.  But I could be wrong and will not be offended if someone wishes to correct me

I've just tested the one on the side bar and it links to the new challenge post, hopefully it works for everyone else!   Hopefully the one above links to the same post.  Thank you Eileen for helping me learn something new today :)


  1. Hi there - sorry to cause confusion. Often post the posts the day before they are due - and then link in the morning when I get up. No chance to do a full post in the morning - small children and all that!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  2. lol Stewart - it doesn't take too much to confuse me :)

  3. hi karen, I have just posted a blog of my "backyard" shots, is there going to be a "linky" for us to add our names too, or shall I just view the others from the links you sent on the email?


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