Sunday, 30 October 2011

New Photo Challenge

Fifty two weeks ago I started a photo challenge to take a photo a week based on a theme and post it each week on my blog.  The idea was to make me use my camera on a regular basis as days, weeks could go by and due to work, life etc the camera never got picked up.  My friend Louise joined me and some others have joined in on route, apart from the odd week we have managed it.  I have really enjoyed it though there were times the week was too short for the ideas I had, but hey that is life.  So now we are at the end, it was a case of do I just stop or start another one? 

You guessed it, I'm starting another one, though this one is going to be a 26wk challenge, one theme every two weeks. 

This challenge is open to anyone to join in, if you would like to and are happy to share your images just post a link to yours be it another blog or flickr so that others can comment.  Further details are here .
So we kick off tomorrow with 'Backyard' - go outside your front or back door and just look around for 15 mins and photograph whatever catches your eye, (you need to take a minimum of 14 images), it could be a plant, some rubbish, paint work anything.
On the 13th Nov you need to upload three images, the very first one you took, the last one and your favourite or what you feel is your best (or both if they are different).  When uploading include camera settings, and an explaination of why you took the images, what you like about your fav and best image. Then the bit everyone hates we constructively critique each others. 

Look forward to seeing your images in a fortnight, have fun.


  1. Hi - I've just come over here via Louise and this sounds a great idea. I need to do something to get me using my camera again so I will try and get involved. Look forward to seeing the results on the 13th :0)

  2. Hi Jo, lovely to have you on board.:)

  3. Hi Karen, I've been looking at your blog for a few weeks now and have finally pressed the 'follow' button. Love your photos.

    I'd like to join in with the 26 week challenge although my personal circumstances may prevent me from doing every one. However,

    *** stupid question alert ***

    about the 14 photos minimum and the first theme. Are we choosing one thing to photograph (e.g. a plant) and then opting for 14 different ways to capture the image. Or are we choosing as many elements of the backyard as we want to, so that the final images may be of 3 completely different aspect of the backyard.

    Hope you understand what I mean.


  4. Hi Eileen, not a stupid question at all, a good one actually. Photograph whatever catches your eye, don't think about what is out there just go and start looking, it might be a bulb shooting up because it is confused by the weather, an insect, flower anything. Yes upload three different images at the end. Hope that helps, and welcome aboard hope you enjoy it. :)

  5. hello karen, I'm following eileen, and I'll be joining in your challenge. presumably you'll tell us where and when to post our links?

  6. Welcome Joy, thanks for joining us. When you have chosen your images upload them to your blog with the details and then let me know and we will link up.

  7. Hi there - this sounds like an interesting idea - although my good lady wife may think otherwise!

    Probably stick to what I'm doing - but who knows!

    Stewart M - Australia

  8. Hi Karen, I also came via Louise's blog and I would like to join in. I really like your "system/challenge" and I am joining in in the hopes of learning a bit more about my DSRL...

  9. Hi Nthalie, welcome hope you enjoy the challenge and learn from it :) any questions just shout. x

  10. I must try this. I love this idea, now if I can just remember by then! My life is OVERflowing....


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