Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekly photo - food

Food hmmm I have a strange relationship with food in the sense I love to eat it, see it, collect cookery books and watch cookery programmes - but when it comes to cooking it then it just doesn't happen for me.  I would much sooner dig the garden over or watch paint dry.  So getting creative with food and camera didn't work for me this week either as you can see from the following images

 Courgettes sliced ready for tonight's meal AV mode, ss 1/60, f2.8, ISO 200, WB shade, fl 90mm

Last night's tea prior to the cheese sauce going on it - actually turned out nice !!  Auto mode!!, ss 1/60, f4.5, ISO 400, fl 40mm, WB auto! and flash used.

Now these photos are what I call being creative with food. Taken whilst on holiday.  The chefs put on a gala night where they show off their creative skills.  It was amazing.

Water melon
 Chocolate to die for

A fruit boat.  That is ice craved as a fish in the background


  1. Hi Karen, I found this week extremely difficult, glad to read you couldn't get inspired either. I really like your courgette photo can see all the detail!

    The decorative food is amazing xx

  2. You are too kind Louise - thank you. xx

  3. It seems we may have quite a bit in common, as well as both being Taureans, your first sentence could have been written by me.
    I am delighted you have joined BW and hope to get to know you better through each others blogs. I will follow you to keep in touch .:)


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