Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New Monthly Photo

Last Oct I decided to take one photo a month to record the changes over the year, I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to repeat the project but using a different location and taking the photo on the same day each month.  So last Sat I headed over to my chosen spot, a place called Tresillian which is on the main route into Truro and is lined with trees which each year give off a beautiful display of colour.  Admittedly I haven't decided which of the images below I will use, maybe both, who knows!  (the light patch on the right hand side is rain on my lens, which I didn't notice at the time and  my photoshop skills don't stretch to it's removal ..... yet!!) so it is there and I can live with it.

If anyone would like to join me and link up once a month please do, good to see the changes in other parts of the world as well. :)


  1. It looks like each photo was taken in a completely different place. Both are great photos and it would be good to see the changes throughout the seasons xx

  2. Sorry I should have explained one is on the road - obviously and the other runs along side the road but behind the trees. Same location just slightly apart from each other!!! If you get my drift ;) xx

  3. Hi Karen thanks for visiting my blog. I am looking forward to following the changes of season. Diane

  4. I guess it will be at least another month before the leaves start to change colour then.

  5. Thanks for adding News From Italy to your sidebar I have returned the compliment.

  6. I like the idea of this exercise and I'm looking forward to watching the changes with you. that second one is dreamy. happy weekend to you!


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