Monday, 15 August 2011

Weekly photo catch up

Taken in Funchal, Madeira.  Lizards everywhere, this one was peeking his head out of  the stones in a wall. I love these little guys they remind me of my childhood - playing with newts in the garden pond!!  There is a connection honest!

Low light
These were taken as we left Santa Cruz, Tenerife. I'm fairly pleased with these considering I was on a moving boat - albeit a big boat.

The next two images were also taken in Sant Cruz, Tenerife.  I was blown away by the graffiti that decorated the town and it was decoration - in my eyes.  No foul language (not that I could read anyway!) just incredible art work.

I have several more graffiti images, but I'll post them another day.  So that is me up to date with the weekly photos.  Thanks for looking and reading and hope you enjoy.


  1. Great photos Karen, I love the night time ones xx

  2. Love the Grafitti Pictures Karen!! The wires with the coloured "bows" on they are fabulous!


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