Monday, 15 August 2011

I'm back!

I am back after my "delicious cruise" (as Kathi calls it :) ) two weeks on the Braemar sailing around the Med is very good for the soul and I can fully recommend it.  Thankfully the dull and damp weather that has greeted us upon our return is NOT dampening my spirit - lots going on but will tell you all that later.  First I need to catch up big time on my monthly and weekly images.  First with the monthly image from July.  Will post the Australian image when I get it.

As you can see not a very exciting sky, this one was taken from a different angle to previous ones and the sun is just going down behind the trees, hence the colour of the thistles in the field.

I have three weeks worth of weekly photos to upload as well they are wildlife, low light and urban.  It may not come as a suprprise but I shall be using some holiday snaps for those weeks.

This week's theme is indoor photography using natural light or low light participants own interpretation.

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  1. welcome home, glad you had a lovely holiday...look forward to the photos xx


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