Friday, 19 August 2011

Leaving Dover

I'm not going to bore you with all my holiday snaps but did think I would share a few, just to prove that I have been away "lol"

 White cliffs of Dover - maybe not the best image I could have shown but I really like it.

This was taken whilst in the cable car going up to the top of Funchal in Maderia.  The cruise liner in the top right hand corner is our boat.  At the time of taking this I had completely forgotten that the town hit the news last year with the flooding they had. We had planned on walking back down - that is until we got to the top!!  We hopped on the bus instead - and that was an experience in itself.


  1. wow Karen - your blog makeover is fantastic. Love your blog header, an amazing photo!!

    I've had a good look around and a read - but still can't see a link to your website, have i missed it? xx

  2. what a great make over, will have to sort mine one day. Great holiday pics my turn next xx

  3. Thank you Louise and anonymous think that might be Yvonne?? x


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