Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wkly theme- a different perspective

This week's photo theme is 'different perspective'.  My initial thoughts on this theme were looking for different view points to take a familiar scene.  Then I thought I would google different perspective and found all sorts (as you do when you google!!)          
http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=different+perspective  found these on flickr which is similar to what I was thinking of. Then  I found these.   I am actually playing catch up this week as I haven't completed last week's self portrait yet but I will do it.  It is just so manic this week with end of term performance and the local Garden and Craft Show on this weekend, but there is so much behind the scenes work as with any event so I shall be tied up with that Wed and Friday evening then all day Sat.  It is always a good day and very well attended and.............. it also means I have completed one of my other 'pre mid life crisis' challenges which is to finish my jumper that I was knitting yeah :):) so pleased - admittedly I shan't be wearing it until the winter but it is done.  Will post a pic later.  As for the other challenges ...well... I can now run a mile without stopping 12 to go then I can enter a half marathon.  Bits for the others are in process as well, including those that haven't been published!!
Now off to sort out photos for Sat's show.


  1. ummm Karen, better get my thinking cap on for this weeks challenge then xx

  2. .. I didn't see the 'self portrait' weekly challenge..? Great to read you as ever.. and a welcome return of Yvonne too.. xxx


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