Sunday, 17 July 2011

The week that flew by.... a complete daze.  It seems like only hours ago that I was sat here posting to say no photos this week and here I am doing it again - no photos this week - so now two weeks behind.  It has been so busy this week with parents evening at work and the end of year performance by the children - they were brilliant, I was so proud of them.  Plus it was the village Garden and Craft Show yesterday which took up Friday afternoon with cooking, the evening setting out the hall and displaying the school children's exhibits that was from 4pm -9pm then back up at 7.45am - 6pm .... so a very long and exhausting end to the week, but it was a good show and it all went off very well so worth it.

I did have a break Thursday evening - a friend had asked me to go to see Dreamboats and Petticoats at the Hall for Cornwall.  It was so good, pure escapism.  I think that is what got me through the last couple of days.  If you like musicals and rock 'n' roll music it is a must to see.

So back to the weekly theme - which was a different perspective, Kathi has joined us, here are her photos.


  1. Some weeks are like that aren't they.. and you have that cruise to look forward to soon.. K xx

  2. Never mind Karen, we'll let you off lol!! It sounds like you've had a busy week... I've just posted mine xx

  3. Busy busy xx hope you found time to relax yesterday afternoon hugs xx


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