Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mid life crisis??

On Wednesday I turned 48 and be it the fact that I was at a funeral on Monday or that we drove up to Doncaster and back over 700 miles - we did a detour to Deeping to visit mum and dad's grave so that added a few more, it was worth it though.  Anyway I found myself doing an awful lot of thinking about life and things I've done or not as the case may be.  The end result of all this thinking is a list of 'challenges' as I am calling them, that my family and I have set for me to complete in the next two years before I hit the big 50.  The challenges vary but do seem to have a physical side to them as well as doing things I absolutely hate!!  This is the list so far -

Charity Abseil, completed 29th May 2011
London Moon Walk,
Christmas Day Soup Kitchen,
Run a half marathon (set by Mick),
Go on two big roller coaster rides (set by Bernadette),
Cycle the Camel Trail from start to finish (36 miles there and back)
Finish the jumper I have been knitting since Dec 2010 (Mick's request)  probably the hardest to complete!!

there are others but they aren't to be published yet!!

So watch this space - I could be completing one of them a fortnight today :o


  1. Oh my Karen, remember they say you are only as young as you feel and if you feel 18 again you still have loads time to complete those challenges. I think the only one i'd be able to complete is the soup kitchen...heights are not my thing so those two big roller coaster rides would push me over the edge lol!! Is Mike going to keep you company on that marathon run?
    I look forward to seeing how you get on xxx

  2. Lol Mick run - you must be joking, as he says god didn't build him to run lol bless him. The roller coaster will probably push me over - think that is why she pick that!! She loves me really. :D

  3. Karen! I lost my danger gene after having 4 of the 5 kids at home..rather you than me for most of these, though the thought of doing something very different like that at Christmas does appeal to You know your follower numbers will increase as we watch your exploits!

  4. go for it karen, i was 50 last year and i didnt set any goals. but after reading your list i think i should have. i dont have the danger gene either but do have other things i wantto achieve.

  5. I also live in Cornwall. I hit the big 60 in April this year and still photographic modelling!
    Good luck with your photography Karen.
    50 is the new 30!!!

  6. Hi Suzy - wow!! I am really starting to enjoy this now :)x


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