Saturday, 21 May 2011

Where did the time go??

Sixteen years seems so long ago, but it seems like only yesterday our little Amanda entered ours lives but last night brought it home to Mick and I (and a lot of other parents) that our little one's are not little any more. She has gone from this

to this
in such a short time and is growing up and away rapidly - just like her big sister :(

Thought I would share a comparison photo with you - I'm sure they will thank me day!!

Affectionately known as our Town Mouse and Country Mouse
(err.. yes that is BIG sister on the left!!)
Am I proud?  Oh yes - very :)

By the way, I think my photography is starting to show signs of improvment !


  1. Karen.. and every reason to be proud! You did the old two years and a bit gap too then! A great set of pics and the best advert for why we blog! And what a busy time you're having too.. go girl x

  2. LOL didn't quite make the two years and a bit more like 21 months!!! xx

  3. 21 months between my Jack and Stan too Karen. You have two very beautiful girls and those are great photos. Will we see a layout with your comparison photos?
    PS. your photography is fantastic, i wouldn't have thought you could get any better!!!

  4. aww Louise that is a large bottle of wine I owe you in July when you are down here ;) xx


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