Saturday, 21 May 2011

Here we go.....

This is what I shall be doing next Sunday 29th May at the Maritime Museum in Falmouth - it is only 95ft - so not too bad I guess (gulp!!) 
 Charity Abseil

Have to be honest and say everytime I think about it I feel physically sick - good start eh?  Still I have been reassured that once I touch ground again I will feel fantastic and I'm sure I will - as to whether I will ever do it again remains to be seen. 
I have been overwhelmed by people's generousity in sponsoring me as well - thank you very much - (they probably don't think I will do it and won't have to pay!! lol)
The above photo is borrowed but hopefully next week I shall be able to post one's of me - surprisingly a lot said they would come to watch - why goodness knows - at the end of the day all they will see is my backside decending to earth at a rate of knots accompanied by a piercing scream - great entertainment for a Sunday afternoon!!  Anyway take off is between 4pm and 4.30pm.


  1. OH MY Karen, you must be mad lol!! You go girl!!
    Look forward to seeing the photos.


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