Sunday, 22 May 2011

Weekly photo - flora

It is that time of the week again for our weekly photo and this week we were photographing flowers.  I had it all planned  to photograph a rose and have been watching it open all week and then the rain came down and ruin it - good old british weather eh?  So I cut it off and brought  in doors so I could enjoy what was left of it and the gorgeous scent it has, so I resorted to come cut flowers instead.

I think this one is my favourite.

Can't decide if the flower in the foreground is too distracting all not, I tried cropping it out but wasn't so keen on it then!

My poor rose, battered by the wind and rain :(

Louise has uploaded her's, and this week Mandy who is just starting out on her photography journey but is an incredible scrapbooker and Sam have joined us (adding later)  welcome aboard and hope you enjoy the fun - this week we are photographing action - frozen or blurred  - your choice.  Might have to use my imagination on this one


  1. gorgeous Karen, i love the droplets on all the flowers, top one is my fave too xx

  2. Such amazing photos, you've caught the light on the water droplets so perfectly. Next week's sounds like an interesting subject, looking forward to seeing your photo and may have to take part myself :)

  3. Thank you Hannah - you are more than welcome to join us if you wish. Just let me know then we can link up images. x


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