Sunday, 29 May 2011

Weekly photo - action

Well I didn't actually manage to take an action photo this week instead I was in the photo.  Yep today I did my abseil, 95ft down the tower of the Falmouth Maritime Museum - now some of you may say that is nothing but considering I have a fear of heights and have never abseiled before I think that is pretty darn good and I am feeling very pleased with myself and my friend Barbara who did it with me and just to prove it - here we are ....
Climbing over the railings and having to sit on the green pad looking down, then you 'hop off' and just go for it!!

Me dangling in mid air - Barbara was gone I was somewhat slower "lol" but she did wait for me so we could pose together :)

It was great but all over way to quick - we would both like to do another one but much higher - 200ft was mentioned!!  Watch this space.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me, sponsored me (raised £173.50), came to watch me and took photos for me Yvonne, Nick and Matt look forward to seeing them all - it really means a lot to me and is greatly appreciated.

Louise managed some great action shots here
We are doing "reflections" this week some obvious ones ie mirror, shiny surfaces water and some not so obvious likness, looking back, memories.


  1. You must be elated, well done you very brave lady!! xxx

  2. (Noreen)i commend you for taking the risk of rappelling that wall. I would totally be sick to my stomach if that would have been me.

    In regards to the comment you left on my post (re: Brush), I placed the brush on top of our kitchen counter which is a granite one and is dark colored. The lighting is from the lights in the kitchen. I placed a black paper as the background so I can have a minimalistic appeal. In post processing (Lightroom), I just increased the blacks so the counter will become black (the counter has some specks on it and I did not want it to show). That's about it. :)


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