Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Photo a week

Last week Louise and I had a go at Painting with Light. This is using the bulb setting in the dark with a torch. Here is what Louise came up with and below is what I came up with.  First I played with an ordinary torch and writing my name, nearly achieved it.

Then I used a red laser light and drew around my slippers (yes they are red and white stripes with pompoms on!!)
 Then I tried writing my name again,
 Then last but not least a smiley face - then the battery ran out!

This week we are taking photos using a long dof,  to create an image with everything in focus, no blurring.


  1. These are brilliant Karen. I like the first one you can make out it's your name. Your writting ones turned out much better than ours, the boys found it too hard to write the word backwards lol!! xx

  2. The white one was written backwards and I really had to concentrate, but the ones in red were written normally with the light behind the camera - doesn't say much for my handwriting does it lol xx


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