Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas Flowers

On Christmas Eve my lovely husband came home from work and presented me with these beautiful flowers - which I thought I would share with you in their full glory.

I have had a very enjoyable afternoon photographing them with the intention of using the images for the next camera club open competition which is a triptych photo, ( a panel of three photos, either made up from one image or three different images with a theme but they have to work together to create one image - it you get my drift).  So I have spent this evening trying to learn how to create a triptych in photoshop and although I haven't perfected it I have an understanding of how to do it now. I shall show you the results tomorrow.


  1. look forward to seeing your triptych!!

    Beautiful flowers xx

  2. Karen! You are doing great things, so nice to see your chat and all those lovely photos! Shame you still have to do the day job eh!
    Catch you soon Kathi x


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