Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas week

Why is it that as soon as we break up for the holidays I get ill. Having resisted all the bugs that have been going around at work all term they hit me as soon as we finish, so I spend my holiday being ill. Hey ho, thankfully I haven't been as ill as some I know so I am grateful for that and shall stop moaning. Hope everyone has had a great Christmas weekend and no doubt eaten and drank too much - I have certainly over indulged big time since Christmas Eve - thankgoodness my appetite hasn't been affected. The day before Christmas Eve we had our annual trip to KFC in Penzance, after we had been to see the lights in Mousehole. 

Mousehole put on a wonderful display of Christmas Lights every year and people travel miles to see them.  The lights are turned on around the 18th Dec but on the 19th Dec they are turned off for an hour to remember those that lost their lives in the Penlee Lifeboat disaster which was based in Mousehole at the time and affected so many who lived there.  For more info http://www.cornwalls.co.uk/Mousehole/penlee_lifeboat.htm

I managed to take some rubbish photos - which is what I seem to be doing on a regular basis at the mo - may have been something to do with the freezing cold, or the knowledge that the family were waiting patiently for me physically shaking as they were so cold, (even Mick was cold - so it must have been cold),  or maybe it is just me at the mo.  Anyway here are a couple.

The lights that go around the harbour.

Like the colour of the sky in this one.

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  1. Both are beautiful photos. Love the harbour xx


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