Friday, 12 November 2010

Cupcakes .. mmmm

I asked one of our mums at work who is a wonderful cake maker to make me some christmas cupcakes and this is what she came up with.

My intention was to photograph them for Christmas cards - but the photos haven't turned out quite as I envisaged!! So we are eating them instead and they are gorgeous so all is not lost.

This should make you laugh, I ordered a new lens on Sunday and it still hasn't arrived, I rang up yesterday after work to ask where is it and was told you should of had it on Wed!  So he made a phone call and rung back and said it will be with you by 6pm tonight (last night) ...... nothing.  This morning Mick presents me with a parcel saying there you go, so really excited I rip it open to be faced with a bag of brown cement dye!!!!!!!    Still no lens and I so wanted to take it to St Ives with me today and to make it worse the company are not answering their phone now ...  grrrr .... but I'm cool about it .... NOT!

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