Sunday, 7 November 2010

Firework photos anyone???

Well I dipped out on capturing any firework photos this year - still trying to convince my daughters that they do want to go outside with the sparklers just to keep their mum happy but they really aren't that keen, especially as it has turned a little bit chilly now!!
So today I took myself off to Respryn for a walk instead, it was beautiful with all the autumn colours and the sun shining, it felt more like spring than the start of winter.  Here are a few of photos that I took, I have put them together as a collage - guess what we learnt at college last week!!  Collages (plus other stuff) so I thought I would have a go at creating one, I've done it very quickly just to get it on here.  Impatient as ever.

Plus it also leads me on to tell you what has been happening this week.  Not  only have I posted the first  images for my monthly project  but I have also started another project/challenge.  Read on and I shall explain.  I really like the idea of a photo a day project but know that I would fail within the first few days purely due to work and family committments, so I have settled for a photo a week and to keep me on track my friend Louise, who does some wonderful scrapbooking layouts - a real inspiration and can be found here    has agreed to join me and each week we will link our photos together to show.  The plan is to set ourselves a theme each week and try to stick to it - famous last words eh!!  We were going to start with fireworks but we both failed to take any pictures - so we have now chosen 'autumn' - which I know we will both achieve.  The main aim of this project is to ensure we use the camera a couple of times a week as the weeks just fly by and it can end up not being used for months.   So watch this space!!


  1. i'm regreting joining you now lol!......look at those fab photos!! The collage is a great way to show them off. You've exceded this weeks challenge xx

  2. No you're not :) Yours will be fantastic I know they will. x


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