Sunday, 24 October 2010

Half term is here ..... yeah!

Yep half term has arrived which means a whole week off.  Time to recharge the batteries and have some me time ....... sounds very selfish I know but sometimes a girl needs to be selfish.  So I have spent most of the day learning how to use my camera all over again and in the process taken some real rubbish photos - but who cares I have enjoyed it and that is what it is all about.  I had a play last night as well using long exposure and a torch on some conkers - here is the result.

Also last night I had another go at some moonlight photos with the camera on the bulb setting.  On the camera the pics looked good but not so on the computer - needed abit longer exposure, I have slightly lightened one in photoshop to show you but it really isn't that good.  I was going to repeat it tonight but the moon isn't playing!

I just love the way the clouds come out with long exposures, roll on the next full moon.


  1. wow its gorgeous Karen.....great effect from the torch and the dark background sets off the conkers beautifully xx love it!

  2. ..I love the conkers one too..x


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