Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tomorrow is another day.

Sitting here at 11.30pm at night waiting for the clock to tick away another 90mins before I venture out to pick up our eldest daughter from a friends house after her first UV party (don't ask!!) at a night club.  Thankfully the said friends father is picking them up from the night club and bringing her half way home.  Guess I should be very thankful that we have had 17.5 yrs before the first early hours pick up and I am, I just know I shall suffer tomorrow.  Anyway whilst sitting here I am sorting through photos and found our holiday snaps.  So I thought I would share an early morning image I took in Bulgaria - yes I got up at 6am to get sunrise pics!!!  How sad eh?

Just looking at it brings back lovely warm memories.


  1. It was well worth getting up early to get a shot like that Karen, it's fantastic! X Hope you don't suffer too much today xx

  2. Lovely.. over used word, but it is!

  3. great pic and the one of the conkers. Are you going to newlyn on the 6th?? xx


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