Sunday, 10 October 2010

Results of 'Children v's Animals'

Following on from my last post re photgraphing children.  I have scrutinised the images I took and if I am honest I am not that happy with them, I feel they are alittle soft around the edges - (technical term for out of focus in the important parts) - some people like that but I would of preferred them to be sharp.  I was reasonably happy with the 'feet' images I wanted of the baby and here is one that I have converted to B&W with my new found photoshop skills.  What do you think??


  1. Oh Karen, this is a beautiful photo, i might have to give this a go with my baby nephew. I've now got photoshop...just need to get some time to install it and have a play xx

  2. I agree.. being an old soft touch for a baby as you know, I just love this.. and opens the world up to a range of baby cards I reckon.. so sweet..and reminds me of the scrap jigsaw layout where even a shoulder or an ankle made an interesting view..K xxx

  3. Its stunning Karen and I am sure the mum is going to adore it xx


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