Friday, 14 May 2010

What a week...

It has been none stop and very enjoyable.  Started off Monday evening going to see Calender Girls with a lovely group of friends, good food, good company and a great performance. Tuesday was my birthday meal with family, another lovely evening, more lovely food, good conversation and the bit that really blew me away was the cake that Bernadette made for me, it was a replica of my camera and it was brilliant (have to use past tense as we have eaten it all!!!)  Here are the pics.

The back view

Front view
Over head

Looking at the pics now I'm still amazed by it.  When I saw all the black food colouring and icing I did wonder what she was up to but by the time I got home Mon evening there wasn't a trace of anything (and I did look!!) never thought I was going to get this.  I was thrilled to say the least.  Thank you Bernadette.

Wed was college as usually, feel like I am getting to grips with a tiny bit of photoshop.  Thursday night out for an Indian with a another group of friends, very enjoyable again.  Two nights off then Sunday off to Birmingham to see Westlife in concert......phew, I shall need next week to recover.  Oh and in between all that it has been a hectic week at work as well!


  1. Fantastic Cake with so much detail, B done a super job and what a lovely surprise! Have fun at Westlife xx

  2. Ahhh Karen.. you didn't say it was your birthday.. bad girl.! What a cake, and so lovely when they have taken so much time and effort..have brill concert, and don't sing too loud!! xxxx

  3. LOL - throat is not good so shan't be singing at all :(:(


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