Thursday, 27 May 2010

I DID IT.......

... after months of thinking about it and worrying about it last night I gave my talk to Plymouth Camera Club all about me and my photos!!!!!!!  They were/are a lovely group of people who made me feel very at home which helped me to really enjoy my evening.  So a huge thank you to all of them that came and hope to see you again soon.  Half term next week so out for some serious photo taking.


  1. So glad it went well.. guess maybe it was like anything you are nervous about.. went too fast and now you wish you could do it all again! Hope to see you next week.. kate and JB's camera at the ready? xx

  2. Hi karen i was at Plymouth last night and really enjoyed your speak, people don't often show you their not so good shots and explain to you where they went wrong and how they overcame them, that was great.
    Its very interesting to know that from selling a few shots at a village fete you now have a very nice little business that is growing and growing the more people are being lucky enough to see your work.
    I would like you to know that you have inspired me into getting some of my shots mounted and framed instead of leaving them on the computer doing nothing.
    Thank you very much for coming to Plymouth you should be very proud of yourself it was an enjoyable evening i hope others get to enjoy a speak by you soon.
    I wish you every success in the future and i will be keeping an eye on your Flickr page for some new gorgeous shots.

    Many Thanks
    Scott Blagdon

  3. That's great Karen, I am glad it all went well! xx

  4. Glad to hear it all went well....from the comment above it sounds like you made a good impression...well done!


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