Monday, 12 October 2015

Winter preparation.

I haven't managed to get out to the garden for ages and every time I look out the window it has been annoying me.  Every thing has been neglected and it is a mess.  So on Friday I decided that I would spend Saturday tidying it up, it would do me good both physically and mentally. Mick was working on the roof so that worked out well.  I also made a conscious effort to take before and after photos with the intention of writing this post.
Dead tomatoes and cucumber plants, canes waiting to go to a friend. The remains of ant powder on the floor as I had an invasion during the summer.
Dumping ground, dead flowers which I wanted to photograph but never got there. 
 Pots galore with weeds  in!!! Apart from the fuchsias.

Runner beans gone over as not picked!! 

Marsh mellow plants over grown and collapsed on the dalia's squashing them!

Several hours later, seven compost bags of garden waste, one compost bag of general rubbish, second compost bin filled and a large amount of waste compost thrown in the field behind us and this is what I had.
To top it al off I took all the garden waste to the tip this morning, so that is not hanging around. To say I was happy with my day's work would be an understatement.  It was also a good chance to try and focus my thoughts on what I was doing and not have my head running all over the place.  Still smiling each time I look out the window at it all now.  Just some lonely onions growing out there.  Still have the other side of the garden to do but that was not as bad.  As that was weeded when the tree cutting was done a few weeks ago, another post I will make the effort to write.


  1. Can you come and do mine next please?

    It looks good ... it's lovely to have that satisfied feeling for a job well done, isn't it.


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