Saturday, 24 October 2015

More Gardening

Back in August Amanda had a friend come to stay for a week.  Now he just happens to be a tree surgeon and very kindly offered to prune our trees for us whilst he was here.  This delighted Mick as he is not very keen on trees unlike myself.  So on the Thursday whilst Amanda recovered from having all her wisdom teeth out the day before (bless her) Liam set to work on two of the trees, the Eucalyptus and the Elm!!

Before - as I left for work


After - when I got home

He did an amazing job and it has let so much more light onto the flower bed below and the two rooms at the that side of the house, I didn't realise just how much they were blocking out!!
Mick and I were left with the clearing up to do which was fine.  We hired a chipper and spent a Friday evening and all day Saturday, chipping and disposing of the chippings around the garden and in the lane next to us (which is not a problem).  Then the following weekend we spent chopping the branches up into logs for Mick's brother ready for their open fire.


Still it is all done now and apart from a couple of bags of manure for the veg plot and that is the garden sorted for the winter.  Must be a first lol.

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