Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Summer road works.

August already only seems like yesterday it was the first of June and here we are at the height of our summer and it's raining!! Nothing new there then lol. The silly season seems to have started early down here with the traffic being a nightmare. There are major roadworks on the east side of Truro, which happens to be my side and they are causing horrendous traffic queues that are now there just about all day! At least it use to be just morning and evening, not any more. The lack of school traffic has made a slight difference but on the whole it is becoming very stressful! Have to confess I do suffer with road rage though admittedly the drivers are being good it is the whole situation that gets to me! Usually it takes me 20mins to get home 58mins the other day, not impressed!

I wrote the above paragraph this morning before I went to work prepared to test my patience with the traffic again and believe it or not there was none, I sailed into work and out at the end of the day.
 It would appear they completed a huge section over night and removed barriers and turned on traffic lights and hey presto 13 mins into work and 20 coming home!!!!!!  What a happy teddy I am, just hope it continues like this now :)

Karen Nolan's photo.


  1. it's so frustrating isn't it, and normally when these road works appear there is no-one it appears working on them.
    We were in Devon last week and got held up when a lorry and coach couldn't pass on one of them narrow roads. It did cross my mind that i couldn't live there x

    1. lol you learn to reverse very well down here!!! xx


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