Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Playing with dead flowers...... again.

I forgot to say in yesterday's post - we know what is happening with us at work, well we know what we have been told! As of the 1st October we as a service shall be transferred to Cormac Solutions Ltd who are known down here for road maintenance!!!!  It has raised a few eyebrows as the news has been announced and concerns that the road-workers would be delivering the care!!  Each day last week consultation meetings were held covering the county and I went along on Friday, I was already fairly positive about it (basically there is no option!!) and I came out even more positive as I think most are.  In the end I think it will be better for us as a service as I don't think we will exist in 12 months if we stay as we are.   

I have been playing with dead flowers again and loving the results, even though I say it myself lol. As I was photographing this one it was falling apart in the breeze.  Usually do them in black and white but love the colours in this. 



  1. It sounds like good news about your job. Will your role stay the same?

    Liking the dying flower photos.

  2. look at all the detail you've captured Karen. Super shots.

    At least they are keeping you informed with changes they are making. Hope it goes well for you x


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