Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Identifying old photos.

Having posted some photos the other day (see here) and sent links to the post to family who might recognise some of the people in the photos I am absolutely thrilled beyond belief to realise that this photo may be my Great Uncle Rowland  who was killed at the Somme.  Mick and I went to visit his grave in 2013.  I said to Mick afterwards I wondered what he looked like and what he was like.  Never realising I had a photo of him!!!  So chuffed.
These are the scrapbook pages I did for him, I can now add this photo to them :)



  1. Remember you doing the scrapbook pages and so cool you now have a photo :-)

  2. that's lovely.. my scrap room is like a moment stopped still.. needs a major sort! Ross keeps offering to help but his filing isn't mine ;-)


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