Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A new walk

Had a lovely weekend away, we actually got away!! didn't go far just down to Budock near Falmouth, but it was lovely to have no distractions and oh I will just do this around the house and that and that ...................... it also ensured I got off this computer for a couple of days, as I have been glued to it for what seems like days when not at work and no I haven't been of facebook all the time!! 
I have been completing the first of five assignments for this management course I am  doing through work and writing up observations for the assessors course I am doing off my own back. Am I a little bogged down at the moment??? well I wasn't until my line manager and area manager decided to throw a spanner in my plan by suggesting I apply for my line manager's job (she retires on the 20th Feb!!) So having looked into it and chatted with them and Mick and thrown all the pros and cons for going for it - unfortunately the only disadvantage was that it would interfere with my social life!! I now have an application form and a possibly interview assignment/presentation to prepare for as well - that is if I get short listed, which I don't take for granted.
So back to the weekend, Sat a lovely walk around Tollpoint so thought I would share it with you :)


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