Tuesday, 13 January 2015

I don't like Monday's - well not this one!

Well if there was ever a day (Monday) that I should of stayed in bed and shut myself off from the world today was it.  Having gone to bed last night at just gone 11pm I managed to still be awake at 1.34am, I must have drifted off then as the next time I looked at the clock it was 4.30am! I remeber thinking an hour and a half to go before the alarm will be going off, will I get some more sleep? I could certainly do with it. Just before six I turned it off and then the second one off at 6.25am. It was a job to drag myself out of bed but there was no choice as I had to be at my first call of the day at 8am,  I was on a new run today and all new people, though I thought one of the ladies was a returning service user but I wasn't 100% sure. As always I turned my phone on to check the day's work hadn't changed over night to find that it had.... my 8am call had been removed which meant my first call was now 9am - I could have had an extra half hr in bed, instead I settled for a cup of tea. I have developed a habit of checking my work for the following day even when I know I am not at work, as is the case tomorrow, sad but I just like to see it saying 'no planned visits'  only this time it didn't it showed me doing the same run as today!! That can't be as I booked annual leave for Tuesday so I could attend college!! A mixture of angry, frustration and slight panic set in, so I at 7.10am I am on the phone to the office leaving a message asking them to sort it out for me. As I am about to hit the road the office ring to sort tomorrow out, thankfully they honour my booking but now I am running let for my first call!!  My frustration isn't helped by traffic and pouring rain. I pulled up outside the flats where my first lady lives and just as I am getting out of the car my works phone is going off, turns out this lady is still in hospital and out of hours should of cancelled my calls over the weekend!! I now have two hrs to kill before my next call so into the office to help with some paperwork.  Thankfully my third call was at home and I did know her and this lady is lovely and a true inspiration. Tomorrow she will be celebrating her 102nd birthday.... yes she will be 102 and she looks like she is in her late 80's early 90's, we are only going to her she has injured the tendon in her shoulder. Mentally still all there, living on her own and doing fine.  I feel honoured to know her and flattered that she remembered me from three years ago when we went to her to get her walking again after her legs gave way on her.

It was home after that to complete some e-learning!! First of all my computer wouldn't connect to the internet, after an hour of trying everything possible the phone rings and it is a man from a call centre who informed me that I was experiencing a problem with my computer and he would help me fix it - well I think that is what he was saying!! Now I know a lot get these calls but I have never had one before so I was surprised, more irritated and told him no thanks I had no problem.  I then rang the lad who does sort our computer problems out and my hard drive is having a sleep over with him tonight, hopefully home tomorrow.  So after that I set to on the second computer to tackle my e- learning........ 20mins into it the phone goes, call centre chap telling me my computer has a problem, I hang up getting annoyed now, 5mins later the programme I am working on freezes and the computer shuts down!!

As you can imagine by now I am starting to loose the plot and call it a day. A box of Roses was dragged kicking and screaming from the back of the cupboard and brutally opened and a number of chocolates devoured (box has now been put back with the others for Mick to hide when I am not here to see!)
I was writing this post on the ipad last night when that froze as well hence it is getting published today.  A new day, slept all night could have slept longer but I can tomorrow morning
Me yesterday
Me this morning - off to college now.
If you have got this far with this post - you are a star lol. xx


  1. Oh dear, what a day, the rest of the week can only improve x x x

  2. Hope you have a better day today. Keep smiling xx

  3. Love it. :-) but what a day but glad you still have a sense of humour. Hope today is better x

  4. What a day Karen. Certainly not one you would want to repeat.
    Your old lady sounds wonderful.

    1. You are right Viv, on both accounts. xx

  5. Great post Karen! I could feel your frustration.. and you can see how the non-plussed could easily be draggd into a scam and pay up to solve a pc 'problem'
    Great work though when it comes right, satisfying when you have the lady remember you.
    I think you deserved the Roses, Col even helped himself to some I had wrapped as a gift, he just ate them out of the bottom of the box, still wrapped and it was half empty when I gave it to the recipient! xx

    1. OMG he didn't did he!!! first time I have ever heard of that being done lol. xx


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